Artificial Grass Installation Services

Artificial Grass Installation Services

Does the thought of not having to mow or water your grass ever again sound good to you? If so, our artificial grass installation services could be just what you are looking for.

For many years we've been proud to supply and install artificial grass for the residents of Hertfordshire. We've installed artificial turf in small and large gardens. We've also installed artificial fake grass indoors.

We can say with absolute confidence, artificial grass, also know as fake grass, looks fantastic all year round. All our customers couldn't believe the results produced.

Why Artificial Grass?

Over the past 10 plus years many homeowners have been turning to artificial turf to brighten up their properties. There are many very good reasons for this.

1. Maintenance Friendly

Artificial grass requires no maintenance. This saves you loads of time and allows you enjoy your garden more. Rather than feeling it's a never ending project.

2. Aesthetics

Fake grass looks amazing all year round. It doesn't fade or form patches. And that's not something easy to achieve with the Great British weather.

3. Save Water and Money

Saving money is another benefit of having artificial turf installed. Keeping grass green all year round can get costly with ever increasing water rates. Artificial turf doesn't need watering. And it will be the greenest grass all year round.

4. Great For Pets

Fake grass is perfect for pet lovers. You won't need to be adding any hazardous chemicals to your lawn anymore. Plus, artificial grass is soft on their paws. Artificial turf has perforated backing so your pets urine will flow through no problem. And, solid waste is very easy to pick up.

Artificial Grass Installation

Our professional team are competent at installing artificial grass both indoors and outdoors. We do this causing minimal fuss to your daily routines.

Once you've contacted PavePoint Landscapes we will arrange a property viewing at a time convenient to you. We will then survey the area where the artificial turf is to be installed.

We will then offer solutions to suit your budget and arrange a date for the works to commence. For smaller gardens we can comfortably complete the installation in a day.

Looking For A Professional Team To Install Your Artificial Grass?

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